In the depths of the jungle…The poo special!

All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet for the butterflies!!

I apologise for the delay in writing my blog updates. Well I didn’t get lost in the jungle…I found Brazilian time! I have discovered just how laidback it can be here but nonetheless lots and lots happens. I have lots to say but I will do it in bitesize pieces. For all the scatologists among you, feast your eyes on these! If you have always turned your nose up at droppings this may not be for you.  My goodness, in the forest it is everywhere and playing a very important role. Some of the animals we’ve ‘seen’ include Puma, Crab-eating Fox, Coati, Capybara, wild Guinea Pig (possibly) amongst others. Such biodiversity! Notice who enjoys the varied menu – beautiful 88 butterflies mostly! I do have a poo I can’t identify so if anyone has any ideas as to who is responsible please enlighten me! Thank you!
I will update with news, wildlife and conservation here in REGUA in the depths of the Atlantic Rainforest. Ate amanha.Puma poo on the Waterfall Trail at REGUADung beetle!

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